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We offer video filmography, standalone editing services, as well as vertical shorts & motion graphics for social media  

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Videos for Music Promotion

From song visualizers, to lyric videos, to full elaborate music videos; there is no denying these days that video elements are absolutely essential for promoting your band or solo musical project.

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Music Videos

Blackbraid: Sacandaga

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Playthrough Visualizer

Blackbraid: Blackbraid I

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Lyric Video

Blackbraid: The River of Time Flows Through Me 

Social Media Shorts

Todays social media landscape thrives on short, vertical format, videos that often play on current trends and promote products or services in quick, flashy, and catchy ways. 

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Product Unboxing for Lykos Leather

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Promotional clip for Amazon Prime’s series Wheel of Time

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Promotional motion graphics for Blackbraid

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