Who Are We?

Wolf Mountain Productions is a full-spectrum media development company focused on providing art-driven visual solutions for brands, performers, and events.


A new adventure

We offer video filmography, standalone editing services, as well as vertical shorts & motion graphics for social media  

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Videos for Music Promotion

From song visualizers, to lyric videos, to full elaborate music videos; there is no denying these days that video elements are absolutely essential for promoting your band or solo musical project.

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Music Videos

Blackbraid: The Spirit Returns 

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Lyric Videos

Blackbraid: Moss Covered Bones on the Altar of the Moon

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Album Playthrough Visualizers

Album: “Blackbraid II” by Blackbraid

Playthrough visualizer videos are an excellent way to premier your music on video based platforms such as YouTube.

While most digital music distribution platforms already upload your songs to YouTube music; uploading a visually striking video of the full album excites your fans and  further immerses viewers in the overall mood or message of the album.
Visually interesting video’s on YouTube are also likelier to receive more replays than songs uploaded with just a still image. 


Album playthroughs can also be converted to vertical format promotional posts for Instagram & TikTok.