We Refuse to Settle for "Normal"

Advanced retouching, creative editing, & digital composting are some of Wolf Mountain’s specialties.  We have spent years immersed in digital art to provide stunning and unique image solutions that are truly out of this world.  

Digital Image Enhancement Services
Advanced Retouching

All portraits & product images from Wolf Mountain Productions are professionally retouched.

We also offer à la cart retouching services for your pre-existing images.

Creative Environment Editing

Real world environments can also be retouched to create moody & cinematic fantasy worlds. 

Digital Composite Photography Art

Digital composite photography is for those looking for “out of this world” imagery.

These shoots are conducted in a studio setting and then creatively edited into new and exciting environments. 

The Possibilities are Limitless

If you can immagine it, we can bring it to life on screen.