It's a One Stop Shop!

We Provide an All-in-One Solution to Promotional Imagery! 

Products sent to our studio can be shot on isolated backdrops (ideal for webstore previews) as well as in environmental setups and/or on models! This creates the perfect variety of promotional images to populate your webstore and promote on social media.  

Standalone Product Images

Stunning & creative product images help your goods stand out from the crowd & ensure they will catch the eye of your target audience. Perfect for webstores, social media, & print publications. 

Standalone product images can be shot at your business location or your products can be shipped to our studio for a stress-free client experience. 

Modeled Product Images

Modeled product photos are ideal for images of wearable goods such as clothing & jewelry. Modeled shots add a relatable touch to retail imagery that is ideal for social media promotion but also valuable for webstores & print publications.    

Modeled product photos can be shot on a solid backdrop (ideal for webstore us), or in natural environmental settings (ideal for promotion on social media). 

Modeled product photos can be shot as self-portraiture on Wolf Mountain Productions photographer, Ash, with products shipped to our studio; or on models of your choosing if shooting on location.