Who Are We?

Wolf Mountain Productions is a full-spectrum media development company focused on providing art-driven visual solutions for brands, performers, and events.


Over 10 years of expectance in promotional & merchandise design 


Over 10 years of expectance in promotional & merchandise design 

Fully Custom Merch Design​

Only have a rough idea of what you’re looking for, or just need new designs but aren’t sure what direction to go in? 

We have created designs for a wide range of brands, musicians, & retailers. 

Matched Line Development

We can develop a full merch line based off of your pre-existing artwork for your album or other publication.

This approach creates a cohesive branding campaign & maximizes return on your initial investment investment in your primary artwork


The album artwork for the album “Blackbraid I” was provided by illustrator Adrian Baxter. We separated the elements from this artwork to develop a full merch line for the albums release which included multiple shirts, hoodie, patches, and screen printed posters. 

Print Optimization

We offer artwork print optimization services to clean-up your artwork & rough concepts for print onto various merch products. 


Musician BabyChaos submitted their own concept sketch which we transformed into vector artwork applicable to any kind of print application 

Print Media & Packaging

Print layouts take extreme attention to detail and specifications can vary drastically depending on the print production houses you partner with to the mediums they are working with.

We can design your print media & packaging as well as work directly with your selected printers to ensure your products print beautifully. 


The Album artwork for “Blackbraid I” adjusted for both gatefold vinyl & CD digisleeve packaging.

Unique Projects

Have an idea for something totally unique? 

Contact Us to discuss how we can bring your designer dreams to reality. 


The Snoop Dogg “Kush Kash” was developed to be shot from cash-cannons during stage performances.

& The “Cats on Amps” Coloring Book was developed from photos submitted to the @catsonamps Instagram